Franchising is one of the most exciting professions of current times and something we at Franchise Works have a pashion for.  Having said that, it involves people: Franchisees, staff, their families and many other supplier partners that rely on and have expectations of any franchise system.  If we had a dollar for everyone that we had spoken too that wanted to invest $10,000 to set up a franchise system and yet sell franchises for $50-100k profit and think it is easy, we would be retired.  Franchising is not an investment gift hourse unless you get it right. So many don't and our research show most cut corners at set-up, resulting in in excess of 80% of franchise systems failing to secure franchisees and a return on investment.

We accept those that are up for the challenge and prepared to do it right. It is important for us that your new franchise system WORKS.  If that is you, we are prepared to be the right partner for the journey (it isn't just 3 months of document preparation or just a lawyer process) and that is why we can hand over our many many years of experience - giving you our leadership through the myriad of franchising requirements, laws and Franchise Works standards (which aren't the standard of the industry).


The Team Members and Partners of Franchise Works are key people with many years of experience, knowing and providing the right links, solutions and value add required, for building greater outcomes and wealth for your franchise system.  Each new client is allocated a specifically suited individual who will also client manage all people and partners involved in the successful franchising of your business.


Franchise Works quickly learnt that even some of the publicly listed franchise systems that have been around for a long time have been held back by poor systems and solutions in their business.  That is one reason why Franchise Works is a major advisor to some of Australia's biggest franchise systems today, developing strategies and solutions to problems that are inbedded for years as a result of not having the systems available cost effectiuvely today.  Technology and key partner relationships has resulted in Franchise Works having the best partners in Australia providing cost effective solutions for start up, young, older, small or large franchise systems.  We even help multi-outlet business that aren't franchises.  


We believe in:

  • Doing it right the first time;
  • Challenge our thin king and our clients thinking to make sure we establish the best franchise system;
  • Choosing a Franchise partner that pays for itself and is around greater than a year (the average is less than 6 months);
  • Standard Point of Sale Systems across the franchise (our partners pricing is currently 20% of standard industry systems);
  • Standard Accounting standards across the group (we have the cheapest and most effective partner solutions for full disclosure of franchisees Profit & Loss plus Balance Sheet - VITAL);
  • Centralised customer databasing;
  • Payment systems that cuts standard double entry rpocessing and debtors; 
  • Brand standards, marketing, print and distribution centralised system;
  • Local marketing tools;
  • Effective recruiting tools with scenario builders for prospective franchisees;
  • Cutting out non-core activities for franchisees, so they can focus on growth and profit;
  • Appropriate splits of income between parties - 5% royalty and 3% marketing levies is not enough to become a major brand in Australia;
  • Transparency to make sure the focus stays on success;
  • Performance orientated system - why should everyone pay the same rates - incentivise the right behaviours and results;
  • Honesty and integrity - the key principles of a ture partnership.


Franchise Works has created the most cost effective "WORKS" modules for your new franchise system.  They are tested, working in other franchise systems and are ready to be the building blocks for your system to sustain having hundreds of franchisees.  Most existing Franchisors that we talk to wish they were offered these modules when they set-up 20-30 years ago.  That is why we are also working with these franchises to put the modules in retro-spectively (because we love a challenge).  The Franchise Works Team will review your business and business systems, testing the ability of systems to support multiple franchisees and the reporting, transparency and business principles required across multiple outlets. Without them, you have virtually no chance of having consistency across hundreds of franchisees, and/or your profit is eaten up because your systems in not cost effective.  Every franchise system we have worked with have instigated various components of the WORKS Program.


  • you can use someones legal documents and change it to have your own franchise system; 
  • you can pay a lawyer $10-20k and it will work;
  • it is easy or you will be alright;
  • you can fix systems and issues later - you seldom can (most don't);
  • you will sell alot of franchises;
  • you will get someone else to sell your franchises if you or someone else sets it up - we will only help sell what we know and trust in;
  • you can do it cheaply;
  • if you have a 5% royalty, you will make money with 30-40 franchisees or less - most aren't;
  • franchise agreements will protect you (it is mostly to late by that stage)
  • I am not a franchise, I will just run a license system (if it smells and looks like a franchise it is by law)
  • All franchisees will be successful (they won't);
  • You know how to pick the right franchisees (even if you did, life events can change a franchisee);
  • all franchisors know what they are doing;
  • franchisees will do as you say;
  • you think you can control your franchisees (your system has too);
  • All franchise consultants are the same.


Franchise Works is like no other.  Making the right choice and journey to franchise your business is a big one. Franchise Works practically experienced team of franchise specialists understands this, themselves having over 34 years experience - the majority in large growth franchise systems. Today, these experts work with people to develop their franchise systems, large and small - Australia wide. They are committed to the further development of the franchise industry and work daily with Franchisees and Franchisors, with a core focus on the growth and profitable development of franchise systems. The Team at Franchise Works are actively involved in the franchise sector and are highly regarded by many key stakeholders in the sector for their inovative, engaging and hands on approach.  After all, they have experienced most issues to do with franchising.  Who knows - they do. 

Franchise Works don’t just draw up or change documents, they jump into a company and understand where they want to go, what their competencies are, what their weaknesses are and leverage this to drive change, sustainability and unleash the dream. The key difference that sets Franchise Works apart form all their rivals is the simple fact that they are not a group with excellent book knowledge with no real daily practical franchise experience. Franchise Works is a group of highly motivated franchise experts who have done their training at the coal face of leading franchise companies and are now a sought after team that works with the top franchise groups in Australia. They have degrees and masters also to back up their sound practical experience.  They also have a team of associated companies that come in to play a role in the development of growth and profit.  Surround yourself with the best. Choose Franchise Works to be part of your team.

Franchise Works knows that the secret to success is having the right partnerships and relationships. Prepare yourself for the game of your life, as nothing is easy, so use Franchise Works to find the easiest path, partners so you can enjoy the journey, not just the destination.


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